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What is Self-Management

Self-management refers to the skills used to manage the day-to-day tasks of living with one or more chronic conditions, such as chronic pain, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, among others. This means that individuals actively participate in achieving their best health and wellness by gaining the confidence, knowledge and skills to manage physical, social and emotional parts of life.

Some examples of self-management skills and tasks include positive behaviours such as eating right, exercising, monitoring symptoms and taking medications as directed. It also includes setting goals for healthier living, learning how to improve communication with health care providers, and making action plans.

Self-management support aims to motivate people to make personal changes and enabling them to become successful self-managers. This involves techniques and strategies that can be used by healthcare professionals to encourage healthy behaviours and increase patients’ skills and confidence in managing their health problems. Examples include regular assessment of progress as well as helping with goal setting and problem-solving.

For more resources and tools on self-management and support visit our resource section.

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