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Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management

Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPMTM) is a program developed by Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix, a physician and chronic pain consultant at St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada.  It is based on the famous Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) originated by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the USA several decades ago, and has been developed into a programme more customized to the needs of those dealing with chronic pain, and is just as effective for stress. Classes are conducted in meeting rooms at various hospitals/health facilities, in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

The Self-Management Program of Southeastern Ontario, in partnership with the Neuronova Centre, offer the Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management Level 1 and the Mindfulness Maintenance: “Mindfulness Matters” Drop in class regularly throughout the year.

Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management Level 1

Attendees learn the principles of mindfulness meditation, the importance of living in the moment, and the power of now, and how these relate to suffering less pain. Mindfulness assists in remaining calmer and more pain controlled despite the challenges of everyday life, such as when interacting with family, friends, colleagues, employers and insurers. This can change the intensity of pain suffering, both emotional and physical, in a very positive way. Life skills are also enhanced in this course. Consistent attendance is required to remain in the course.

Course duration: Once a week for 13 weeks

Course Length: 2.5 hours per session

Average Group Size: 10-15 attendees

Costs: FREE to participants. Course fees are funded by the Self-Management Program of Southeastern Ontario (approximately $100 per person). However, if you do not attend 6 or more sessions, you will be asked to return the course materials.

Location: The MBCPM course is broadcasted from Kingston via OTN to the other sites within Southeastern Ontario. The course is usually offered via OTN to no more than 3 locations at a time to ensure adequate participant engagement.

OTN details: OTN is a videoconferencing system that allows connection between a number of locations for delivery of a service. An OTN system includes a television and speaker system so that all individuals and locations can be seen and heard throughout the session.

Course details: The MBCPM course requires participation in meditations, group discussions, and interaction with the other sites via OTN. Additionally, participants are often asked to sit for extended periods of time so please make sure you bring anything you need in order to make yourself comfortable.

Referral Form: Please have your referring physician fill this out. Attendees can also choose to self-refer and fill out the form themselves. Please make sure the form is completelly filled out and return it to us using any of the methods listed at the bottom of the form.

Fact Sheet: For attendees planning to attend a session at one of our OTN sites.

Mindfulness Maintenance: “Mindfulness Matters” Drop in class

The class is open to alumni of MBCPMTM programs. 

Course duration: Once a week for 13 weeks

Course Length: 1 hour per session

Average Group Size: 5-10 attendees

Costs: FREE to participants who have already taken and completed a Mindfulness Level 1 class.

Location: This course is held in Kingston at the Kingston Community Health Centres and may be broadcasted via OTN to other sites in the near future.

For questions or to find out the dates of the next offering, please contact Luc Deptuck (Program Administrator, Self-Management Program of Southeastern Ontario - Kingston Community Health Centres) at 613-542-2949 x1179 or by email at

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