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Professional Development Opportunities

The Self-Management Program of Southeastern Ontario coordinates and supports educational opportunities and mentorship for health care providers around self-management support.

Brief Action Planning

Brief Action Planning uses a 7.5 hour long workshop format to provide health care providers with an opportunity to learn specific, brief and efficient communication strategies and skills that can be utilized in the setting of brief medical office visits.

  • Based on theories, principles and practices of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the evidence-based literature of behaviour change, drawing specifically on self-efficacy and action planning theory and research.
  • Designed to acquaint the participant with the literature, theory and techniques for promoting change in health behaviour and supporting self-management.

For more details on the workshop content, please visit our Brief Action Planning page, and for upcoming workshops, please refer to our workshop calendar.

Choices and Changes

Attend a 4.5-hour Choices and Changes workshop which is accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for 4 Mainpro-M1 credits. This workshop is open to all health care professionals and provides the opportunity to learn and practice self-management support skills and communication techniques that ultimately enhance client-centered care.

For more details on the workshop content, please visit our Choices and Changes page, and for upcoming workshops please refer to our workshop calendar.

Webinars for Choices and Changes Participants

We provide a monthly webinar series on self-management support for health care professionals who have taken our Choices and Changes workshop. These FREE 1 hour sessions will be held on the last Thursday of every month and provide a refresher on self-management support techniques and skills, while introducing practical tools, program examples and case studies.

To find out more on upcoming topics and to view archived recording of previous webinars, please visit our webinar page.

Mindfulness Workshop for Health Care Professionals

Mindfulness for Health Care Professionals is a 10-week course where participants learn the principles of Mindfulness meditation and how these relate to stress and chronic disease. Mindfulness changes the intensity of both emotional and physical suffering in a positive way.

Each class is 2 hours long and clinical sites throughout Ontario can join via telemedicine. Kingston Community Health Centres, Weller Site in Kingston is the host site in Southeastern Ontario. The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix, Physician & Chronic Pain Consultant.

The course covers:

  • Learning about Mindfulness and Meditation practice and the mind/body connection
  • Learning what meditation is and how to meditate
  • The connection between stress and mind/body “fall out”
  • Learning about self-care and compassion, nurturing self
  • Assessing the physical stressors: eating, exercising, and sleeping issues
  • Working on behaviours and self-awareness in relationships with others and in relationship with self
  • Understanding the relationship between body breakdown and challenging relationships, and learning how to manage them better

Course materials (book and CDs of meditations) cost $100 (includes taxes & shipping). Course cost is covered by OHIP with physician referral. Without physician referral it is $750.00 plus HST (materials included). An application is being made to provide Main Pro M1 credits for this course.

For more information please visit or call 416-264-2424.

For a PDF overview of the Mindfulness workshop, please click here.

For a physician referral form to cover the cost of the workshop, please click here.

For dates of an upcoming Mindfulness workshop please refer to our workshop calendar.

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