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I recently completed the 6 week Living Well with Chronic Pain workshop. It was a positive experience and I feel confident that the skills and tolls obtained will definitely benefot me. I am now able to set measurable goals through weekly action plans, better able to pace myself using the activity + rest diary as well as eat more regularly, being conscious of food groups and portion control.

This workshop has given me the confidence to incorporate various activities into my day without fear of pain repercussions and to be better understand the mind/body connection.


The program and the facilitators were very good. The classes gave me a reason to come out and meet with others. Sharing our ups and downs, our emotions. It felt really good to be able to speak to someone who cares. The program gas a lot of info which I'm using on a day to day basis. The "Living a Healthy Life" book has all the tools to manage diabetes. The resources in the book are very well described. It's given me encouragement and my perpspective on life has changed. I would recommend this 6 week program to anyone interested. The decisionsI make are forever but it's a start in the right direction.


I recently completed a 6 week Living Well with Chronic Pain workshop and learned valuable self-management tools, all of which are key to helping patients like myself break the chronic pain symptom cycle.

In addition to the course registration being fully funded by the Self-Management Program of Southeastern Ontario, all materials were also offered at no cost to all participants. In my years as an educator, I have reviewed many teaching resources and, in my opinion, those used in this course are among the finest. Presented in a manner easily accessible to a wide range of participants, the many diagrams, charts, summary boxes, and list of further resources at the end of each chapter all make this book a most valuable learning tool.

At a time when it is increasingly important for people with chronic pain to master the essential management skills necessary to track their own healthcare needs and to make treatment decisions based on complex issues, a course such as this one is vital. Good self-managers are people who have learned the skills taught and practiced in this course.


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